The 2022 Gerber Baby Contest! 

Is There A Gerber Baby Contest in 2022?

YES, unfortunatly the most recent Gerber Baby Contest ended on April 14th 2022!   

They normally only have one contest per year and if you’re not carefull it’s easy to miss.

How Can You Enter The Next Gerber Baby Contest?

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  3. Learn The Gerber Baby Contest Rules
  4. Take A Great Picture Of Your Baby
  5. Enter The Gerber Baby Contest
Who Won 2021 Gerber Baby Contest

Who Won The 2021 Gerber Baby Contest

The 2021  Gerber Baby Contest winner was Zane Kahin from Winter Park, Florida.  Zane is a 4 month old baby that was selected by the  judges from  more than 90,000 entrants to be the 2021 Gerber “spokesbaby.”  His family received a $25,000 cash prize, free Gerber products for up to one year, and $1,000 in Gerber baby clothes.

Contest ALERT!

What is the age limit for the  2022 Gerber Baby Contest?

in 2021 the Gerber Baby Contest accepted photos from birth up to 48 months old.  Children in this age bracket have always been allowed to enter.  In the past the children were seperated in categories birth, supported sitter, sitter, crawler, toddler and , toddler2.  

Are there any contests better than the Gerber Baby Contest? 

Gerber’s contest is the most popular baby photo contest and it has the largest cash prize for the winner.  Another very good contest is The Cute Kid Contest.  It pays more on an annual basis than Gerber’s contest and has an annual Grand Prize worth over $25,000.  

When is the 2022 Gerber Baby Contest? 

The entry dates for Gerbers Baby Contests vary from year to year.  To make sure you don’t miss this years contest Sign Up For Baby Contest News.  You will get notified when the next contest starts.

Does it cost anything to enter  the 2022 Gerber Baby Contest? 

Gerber has never charged an entry fee for their contests.  We expect the 2022 Gerber Baby Contest tobe Free! 

Who can enter the 2022 Gerber Baby Contest? 

The Gerber Baby Contest rules state that the contest is only open to parents or legal guardians of children up to 4 years old that live within the 50 United States and Washington DC.   Once the 2022 baby contest is accepting photos – we will provide all the details in our newsletter.

How Do I Get Notified When The Next Contest Starts? 

Sign up for our newsletter.  We will notify you as soon as the next Gerber Baby Contest starts and will provide you with direct links to the official Gerber Baby Contest website. 

Can You Enter Professional Photos in the 2022 Gerber Baby Contest?

No professional photows are allowed in the Gerber Baby contest.  This helps to ensure a fair contest for everyone that participates.

 Can children with Talent Agents enter the 2022 Gerber Baby Contest?

No, this is not a contest for early child models. Kids who have talent managers or agents are not allowed to enter this contest. This is truly a contest for amateurs and kids who have not been discovered yet. This is a contest that could lead to babies being featured elsewhere and having some sort of media career. However, they cannot already have one and win.

What Are the Gerber Baby Contest Prizes?

Last years winner received a check for twenty five thousand dollars. You should enter your child just for the chance of winning the Gerber Baby Contest grand prize.  

How Many Pictures Can you enter  in the 2022 Gerber Baby Contest?

People were only allowed to enter one photograph of each child in the Gerber Baby Contest in 2021.  It’s important to pick the best picture you have for this contest since you will not get a second chance to enter.

How recent must the photo be to Enter the Gerber Baby Contest?

The pictures you enter in the Gerber Baby Contest need to be recent. In 2021 Gerber required that the pictures be taken during the contest entry period which only lasted for several weeks. 

Who will be judging the 2022 Gerber Baby Contest?

Every picture submitted to the past Gerber Baby Contests have been judged by Gerber’s baby contest judges, we expect that to continue.   It’s hard to believe but they actually look at every picture submitted.  We’re not sure how the process works but somehow they pick a winner every year.

What is the Judging Criteria for the Gerber Baby Contest?

The Gerber Baby Contest Winners are chosen based on their visual appeal, emotional expressiveness, and their correspondence with Gerber traditions. All of these are subjective, which makes it difficult to determine why a particular picture was selected as the Gerber Baby Contest Winner.

Can Your Baby Win The 2022 Gerber Baby Contest?

Yes your baby could win the Gerber Baby Contest, but it’s going to be a long shot.  Over 90,000 pictures were submitted last year and there is only winner.