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Cute Baby Contest

This Picture Won $50,000 in the most recent Gerber Baby Contest.  Don’t miss your opportunity to enter this and lots of other great contests!  Their contest normally begins in the fall and runs for about one month.  

This picture won the Grand Prize Worth Over $25,000 in the most recent Cute Kid Contest.  This contest is accepting photos today and will be awarding thousands of dollars in prizes this month.

Why you should enter the Cute Baby Contest

If you haven’t entered a cute baby contest yet, then you should plan on entering one soon.

It’s lots of fun and entering a photo contest can be great way to help boost your child’s self-esteem.   

We know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.  If you approach the photo contest process properly and make it lots of fun for your child, it will do a lot to help create a positive self-image that can last a lifetime.  Your child is just starting to understand who they are and how special they really are.  You can help boost their self-confidence by paying special attention to them, taking pictures of them and complementing them on a job well done.


The Cute Baby Contest

This Picture Won $500 in the most recent Cute Kid Contest.  Don’t miss your chance to enter this month’s contest, thousands of dollars in prizes are awarded every month!  

Entering a cute baby contest is not all about winning, it’s about spending quality time with your child.   

The most important thing you can do before you enter a contest is to get your child comfortable in front of the camera.  Most winning photos are simple, natural photos that show a happy healthy child.  

Entering a cute baby contest

This Picture Won $500 in the toddler category in the most recent Cute Kid Contest.  

To win a cute baby contest, you don’t need to be a professional photographer.

In fact, most cute baby contests don’t allow professional photographers to enter.  The sponsors are looking for simple natural photos taken by the child’s parents.  Tody’s cell pones have cameras that are perfect for taking great pictures of your kids. 


This picture of Grace won the grand Prize in a recent Gerber Baby Contest and was awarded $50,000.  It’s a great picture, that’s simple and does a great job of presenting a healthy happy baby.  

 Cute Baby Contest

Tip #1 – Keep it Simple

You don’t need an expensive camera, fancy clothes or an expensive set to win a cute baby contest.  All you need is a great picture of your baby or kid being natural and happy.   

cute baby contest winner

This picture of does a great job by keeping it Simple and Natural.  The judges liked it so much it won $1,000 in the Cute Kid Contest.  

Cute Baby Contest

Tip #2 – Keep it Natural

The best photos and the ones that usually win cute baby contests, are babies in a natural environment. Your baby will do the most amazing and cutest of things when you are not even expecting it. The best way to enjoy this experience is to have fun and to play with them and make them laugh. The best time to take a picture is when they’re enjoying themselves and having some fun with their family. 

This baby is having lots of fun, her picture won  $500  in the Cute Kid Contest.  

Cute Baby Contest

Tip # 3 – Make it Fun!  

A good idea to prepare for the shoot is to warm up your baby by playing with them – tickling them or giving them their favorite toy to make them smile. It’s a great way to play with your child as well as get a great picture. You’ll get a beautiful natural picture from this instead of a forced, posed picture. 

Remember photos of cheerful, happy and healthy babies win cute baby contests! 



This simple – natural picture won the grand Prize in a recent Gerber Baby Contest and was awarded $50,000. 

Cute Baby Photo Contest

Tip # 4 – Just Enter!

You will never know if you’re going to win something unless you enter.  Sometimes you may be scared, doubtful or not think you’ve taken a good enough picture, but you will never win unless you enter. 

 Don’t worry about winning,  your baby photo has just a good enough chance as winning as anyone else’s. 

Cute Baby Photo Contest

Tip # 5 – Enter Lots of Contests!

The more cute baby contests you enter the more chances you have to win.  The worst thing that can happy by entering a baby photo contest is nothing at all.  Even if you don’t win anything, you will end up with a beautiful photo of your child.   

Cute Baby Photo Contest

Final Thoughts!

If you’re eager to win a cute baby contest, make sure you have the camera ready at all times.  Then just take pictures when the moment is right.  Don’t press, just be patient and take lots of pictures.

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