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It's true understanding what photos have won can give you an advantage when entering childrens photo contests.  

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Why Should You Enter a Cute Baby Contest? 

Beacuse your baby is gorgeous and you know they could win. You hear comments like this all the time! 

Look How Cute!,

Your Baby is Gorgeous!

She Could Win A Cute Baby Contest!

You hear it almost every day, but what have you done about it?

  • Have you entered any contests?
  • Have you hired an agent?
  • Have you created a portfolio?
  • Have You learned about the 2022 Gerber Baby Contest?
If you’re like most parents you haven’t done anything.  That’s OK, your kid is still young and they’re still really cute.  There are literally thousands of opportunities out there for children.  There are children’s models for print and video, TV commercial opportunities and hundreds of acting jobs for TV shows, Movies and Live Theater productions.

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We Can Help You Win Cute Baby And Kids Photo Contests

Cute Baby Contest Photography

You don’t need to be a professional to be great at Baby Contest Photography. 

In fact most baby photo contests are won by pictures taken by parents or amateur photographers.    The trick is understanding your audience, knowing who the judges are and then taking pictures that have  the best chance of winning.  We expect that the 2022 Gerber Baby Contest will be announced soon.   

Learn How To Take Great Baby Pictures

1.  Don’t over think the process.

Most people take it too seriously and try create a perfect picture by choreographing everything including the pose, the clothes and the background.  Don’t do this you’re asking for a challenging photo shoot and you’re pictures wont appear natural.

2. Keep It Natural and Relaxed

The best strategy to get cute baby photos is to let your child be themselves.  You just have to you look for the perfect opportunity to capture a great picture. 

You don’t need a pose and the setting doesn’t matter that much in most contests.  However if you’re entering a contest for a particular brand, then make sure the photo includes the brands product or logo and that it is inline with their corporate image.