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Cute Kid Contest

This Picture Won The Grand Prize Worth Over $25,000 In Last Years Contest

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The Cute Kid Contest is one of the most popular children’s photo contests in the world.  It pays huge prizes and new winners are announced every month.  Every entry gets reviewed by their panel of judges  and the top photos are selected in five categories each month.  All category winners of this photo contest win $500 in cash.  One overall winner receives $1,000 and all of the winners become finalists in the annual Cute Kid Contest which awards a huge prize worth over $25,000!

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We think it’s the best online photo contest and if you have a cute kid and are interested in providing them with the most opportunities including modeling, acting and other paying jobs, then you need to consider entering.  they must be doing something right since they claim to have 7 million members worldwide.

You Get A Free* Canvas Print When You Enter!

One of the best things about this contest is that you get an 11 inch by 14 inch canvas print when you enter (you only pay for shipping).  Most people request a copy of the photo that was entered, but you can get a print of any picture you want.  The prints are created by Canvas People and they do a tremendous job.  We have personally ordered several of their prints and  we have been extremely happy.  The pictures always look great and the service has been outstanding!  Plus all of the photos submitted are reviewed by professionals looking for new talent.

Enter Your Children Today!

This kids photo contest is the Parent Media Group and is one of the only international baby contests that is judged by talent scouts, casting agents and other top industry pros and celebrities.

The Cute Kid Contest is well run and they claim that all of the pictures submitted are reviewed and carefully judged by their judges.  They have been successful in finding opportunities for many of the contestants in their photo contests.

The Cute Kid Contest accepts photos of kids from 0 -12 years of age.

There are 6 age categories: Baby: 0-1 year Toddler: 1-2 years Pre-K: 2-4 years Big Kid: 4-8 years Preteen: 8-12 years Multiples: 0-12 years

Enter More Than One Kid!

The Cute Kid Contest is an International baby photo contest!

Photos can be submitted from anywhere in the world. In fact contest photos have been submitted from over 150 countries.

The Cute Kid Contest is judged on the following criteria:

  • Appearance
  • Charisma
  • Expression
  • Image concept/setting
  • That “special something”

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The Cute Kid Contest Allows You To Submit Multiple Pictures! 

Unlike the Gerber Baby Contest, you can submit as many pictures as you want!  There are no limits, so you if you have several great pictures of your cute kid, you can submit them all.

The Cute Kid Contest Awards Six Category Winners Every Month

Click Here To See Last Month’s $1,000 Winner

Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Big Kid, Preteen and Multiples one overall monthly winner is selected from the six Category Winners each month. The annual grand prize winner is selected from the 12 monthly overall winners.

You Could Be The Next Wnner

A New Cute Kid Contest Starts Every Month!

There is a new contest every month – Photos can be submitted from the first day through the last day of the month.  The judges review every picture submitted the judging takes about one week and winners of the photo contest are  announced around the 15th of the following month.

If you submit more than one picture, you have a better chance of winning! 

Each photo that’s entered into the is judged on it’s own merit so the more pictures you submit the more chances you have to win!

Enter More Than One Photo

The Cute Kid has both free and paid photo contests! 

All members can upload and save as many pictures as they want free of charge.  The pictures can be entered into the Monthly People’s Choice Award for free. Members vote to select the Peoples Choice Awards,  or you can pay $19.95 per photo to enter the CuteKid contest. That’s where the contest where each of the pictures is judged by a professional and you become eligible for the $25,000 Grand Prize.

You Get A Chance To Vote For The Winners!

All members get a chance to vote for the Monthly Peoples Choice Awards and the special galleries.  You can imporove your chances of winning by getting your friends and family to vote.  If you enter the paid contest, then the  judges pick the winners. They have years of industry experience spotting talent and selecting fresh faces.


There are lots of great prizes depending on what contest you enter and what you win they range from $250 gift cards to a $25,000 college fund.  The monthly category winners, including each CuteKid of the month, are eligible to become The CuteKid of the Year, which would win the $25,000 Grand Prize College Tuition Fund, plus a trip to New York City, model agency representation and a chance to be in a TV commercial!

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Cute Kid Contest — 23 Comments

  1. Does the picture I send not belong to you to do whatever with, or will need to ask to use it for anything other than this contest?

    • Great question – each contest should define this within their terms and conditions. Typically you should retain the ownership, however most contests do have permission to utilize the photo for promoting the contest. You should check with each contest prior to entering.

  2. Hi, so my baby girl won the toddler category for the month of March 2017, yay, but we still have received her winnings, it said 60-90 days and it’s been longer then 90 days, should I still wait to contact them?

  3. Hi im from iran and my daughter is so cute,do i can be in this contest and how i can be sure about being real of this contest and if i win how i can get my prize?

  4. There is an entry fee for each photo that you submit but you also get a canvas print each time you enter. The canvas print is well worth it and you can get it for any photo you choose, it does not have to be the photo submitted in the contest. Click here for the Cute Kid Contest. Cute Kid Contest.

    • The Cute Kid Contest would notify you and we also email the winner list each month to our subscribers. the winners are also listed on our website. Click here to see them all.

  5. How can you tell if you entered? I got the canvas, but I didnt receive confirmation that we entered.
    My daughter is Georgia Rae and I think you will agree that she IS crazy beautiful!! 🙂

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