Cute Kid Contest Winners April 2015

Cute Kid Contest

Introducing Mimi, she’s the overall winner for last months CuteKid Contest.

The winner was selected from the pre-teen age group and includes children between  8 and 12 years old.

What makes this picture of Mimi so special?

We think it’s how natural she looks.  Notice that she’s looks relaxed and comfortable.  The overall impression is of a healthy, happy and friendly girl that could be anyone’s best friend.  The picture was selected by industry professionals who are looking for talent for their clients.

When you submit your pictures to the Cute Kid Contest, remember that big companies like Disney, Gap, Gerber and others are looking to kids that will represent their products.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the pictures you enter  create the right impression. Although the judges look at each of the pictures submitted you need to remember that your picture needs to survive the initial review.  We think the best way to do this is to submit high quality photos that grab the judges attention and answer this one very important question.

Would my client want this child representing their brand or product?

If the answer is no, you have no chance of winning. So make sure you consider that question whenever you are submitting a photo to any photo contest.

Mimi’s picture does a great job of that and  won $1,000 and is now eligible to win the grand prize worth over $25,000 in the CuteKid Contest.

Natural Photos are Winning Photos

We have been telling our readers for months to take pictures of their children when they are relaxed, and to make sure that there is good eye contact.  We think the April  CuteKid Contest  winners confirm the importance of looking natural and happy.  Just look at all of the pictures of this months winners to get a feel for what the judges are looking for.

Cute Kid Contest – April 2015 Baby Winner
Cute Kid Contest

Birth – 1  Year

Notice the simple background, the only subject is the baby and she’s looking right at the camera. This  picture won $500 and is now eligible for the $25,000 Grand Prize.  When you enter your baby picture don’t forget to focus on the face, make sure the eyes are open and that the viewer can feel the emotion.  Click the link below to enter…

 The Cute Kid Contest

& Good Luck


Cute Kid Contest- April 2015 Toddler Winner
Cute Baby ContestAge – 1 – 2 yearsJust happy smiling and looking at the camera, pretty simple and nothing surprising, but a great example of how to create winning photos. It won $500 and is now eligible for the $25,000 Grand Prize.  When you submit your toddlers picture make sure that you catch them in a great moment, toddlers show lots of emotion and can be lots of fun to photograph.  Plus lots of companies need toddlers for their ads and commercials, no one wants a grumpy baby to represent them.  It’s al about health and happiness.

Click Here to Enter



April 2015 – Pre K Winner
ImageAge – 2-4 yearsPre K’s have entered a whole new world, full of fascination, learning and discovery. A good picture for this age not only shows how cute the child is, but many winners also show excitement or wonder. This picture is a little different since she’s not looking at the camera, but the judges must have liked it since it won $500 and is now eligible for the $25,000 Grand Prize.

Click Here to Enter

& Good Luck

April 2015 – Big Kid Winner
Baby Photo ContestAge – 4-8 yearsWhat a great picture for this age group!  This is the age of education, many companies that sell products to this age group are education based. Notice that this is strictly a head shot, not even smiling, but what a great spokesperson she could be for early learning products,   it won $500 and is now eligible for the $25,000 Grand Prize.  Don’t forget to enter your Big Kid in this month’s contest.

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& Good Luck

April 2015 – Pre Teen Winner
Cute Kid Photo Contest+

Age – 8-12 years

Pre-Teens are all about everything, sophistication, fashion, music, fun.  Historically this has been and continues to be a huge target market for all types of companies.  So there are lots of opportunities for this group in fashion, print ads and commercials. Some want sassy, but most companies want fun, happy and healthy kids to represent their brands. When you enter your pre-teen in this month’s contest, think of companies that market to this group and their parents. This picture  was the overall monthly winner and won $1,000 and is now eligible for the $25,000 Grand Prize.

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& Good Luck

April 2015 – Multiples
Baby Contest PhotographyA nice picture that does a great job of keeping the focus on the subject.  Notice the simple but effective background. It helps to focus your attention on the picture of the twins. – Nice job the picture won $500 and is now eligible for the $25,000 Grand Prize.

 Don’t Forget to Enter This Months Baby Photo Contest Submit your pictures this month and  you could be on your way to winning thousands of dollars and you might find casting opportunities for your child.

  • Each of the six monthly category winners win $500
  • The overall monthly winner receives $1,000
  • The annual winner is selected from the monthly category winners, and becomes The CuteKid of the Year, with a $25,000 college tuition fund and more.





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