Our Favorite Baby Photo Contest

Enter a Baby Photo Contest Today!

Baby Photo Contest

Enter Our Favorite Baby Photo Contest Now!

It’s true, winning a baby photo contest can change your life. It’s not just about the money either, it’s about creating opportunities for your child.  You already know that your baby has what it takes to win, now it’s up to you.  You need to learn about the contests, take some pictures and then enter.  Plus, you don’t need to wait all year for the Gerber Baby Contest to start.

You can submit your pictures now to the Cute Kid Contest, it’s a year round contest run by professionals looking for  kids for advertising and other entertainment jobs.  It’s easy, it’s fun, and you can enter as many pictures as you want each month.

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The Cute Kid Contest is a great alternative to the Gerber Baby Contest since it is a full time competition run by talent professionals. They offer new contests and great prizes each month and the Grand Prize for the year is worth $25,000.

The company is in the children’s talent business and the contest is run to help them find talent so that they can fill positions for advertising and modeling role all over the country. They work with some of the countries most respected businesses.  The Cute Kid Baby Contest and their affiliated companies provide services to parents and their children up to age 18.

The fact that their company specializes in the placement of young talent makes the Cute Kid Contest much more than your normal Baby Photo Contest. They are talent professionals and have great contacts within the industry and have an excellent reputation for placing young talent with outstanding high profile companies.

In fact, the company has the largest online of young talent and has established an exceptional relationship by positioning child talent with companies like of Toys R Us, Sesame Street, Crayola, Disney, and Gerber. The VIP Kids Club was developed for parents interested in pursuing modeling and acting opportunities for their kids.

Their goal is to help children find great modeling and acting opportunities. One of the primary ways they do this is with the Cute Kid Baby Photo Contest; it enables kids and parents to get exposed to the child modeling industry, provides real access to industry professionals and is easy and inexpensive to participate.

Each month, The Cute Kid Baby Photo Contest awards over $5,000 in rewards!

A panel of experts judge all of the pictures submitted to the contest then choose one Monthly Category Winner in each of the following categories: Baby, Toddler, Preschool, Big and  Preteen. The leading scorer from among all 5 Regular monthly Category Winners is named The CuteKid of the Month.

The CuteKid of the Year is selected from the Regular monthly Winners and gets a $25,000 Prize!

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More Ways to Win with the Cute Kid Baby Photo Contest

Monthly People’s Choice Gallery

The People’s Choice Gallery is basically a popularity contest.  The winners are based upon the number of votes they get for that months picture. Every image that is uploaded is immediately entered into the contest; the pictures that get the most votes win cash money and rewards! Prizes change each month, so upload your best pictures then show your friends and start sharing on Facebook.

Sneak Peeks

Again, all photos that are uploaded instantly become part of the FREE Sneak Peeks Gallery. It’s an area where you can submit an image totally free as well as search all the other adorable photos. Each month, 18 images are selected at random to be featured as Sneak Peaks in the Monthly Galleries If they choose your kids image, you’ll win a free entry into the monthly CuteKid Baby Photo Contest and your picture and child will be evaluated by skill and modeling company pros!

Online Baby Photo ContestSpecial Galleries.

The Cute Kid also has FREE Special Galleries all year … for vacations, special celebrations, fun styles, and more! Because many of the galleries are themed, you’ll have to upload photos fitting each gallery’s requirements (i.e. your youngster in a Halloween outfit; your youngster with an animal.) Website visitors like you, not professional judges, vote on the winners. Unique Gallery Winners receive cash, gift cards, or other fun rewards. You can vote daily, and spread the word to family and friends! The more they vote the much better your kid’s possibilities are of winning.


How to Enter

The easiest way to enter is the People’s Choice Gallery, it’s Free, and a new gallery begins each month. You can enter as many photos per month as you’d like. Then you, your family and friends as well as other CuteKid members get to vote on the photos in the gallery.

In order to enter the Cute Kid Contest Baby Photo Contest and have your kid’s picture judged by talent industry professionals, there is a fee for entering. However that charge is offset since members will get over $70 of complimentary products once they enter. Specifically, very first time contest entrants get a complimentary canvas picture ($50 value) and a complete year Subscription to Parenting Publication. The CuteKid offers excellent value and an opportunity to win thousands of dollars and a yearly contest winner for a $25,000 College tuition Fund.

Can You Win The Cute Kid Baby Photo Contest?

Of course you can, you’re infant is just as charming as previous winners all you have to do is take a fantastic picture and send it within the contest period. The CuteKid contest is judged by registered and confirmed home entertainment professionals and they are looking for the following criteria when they are ranking the entries:




Image concept/setting.

That “unique something”.

Their special scoring system ranks the photos based on the above criteria and helps them choose the monthly winners in each category. The photos receiving the greatest score wins.

All monthly category winners, including each CuteKid of the Month, are then qualified to become The CuteKid of the Year, which could earn them a Grand Prize including a $25,000 College Tuition Fund, a trip to NYC, and potential opportunities for modeling and acting jobs plus lots more.

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Baby Photo Contest