What are the best online baby photo contests?

Cute Baby Contest

There are lots of baby photo contests online.  They range in size from small local contests that you can enter to the Gerber Baby Contest, the most famous baby photo contest. If you have a Cute Kid, why not enter their picture in as many online baby contests as you can find.

It’s easy to find online baby contests.

Just google online baby photo contest and you will get thousands of results.  Now what? That’s completely up to you, but you will find lots of contest that you can enter some are Free and are geared for fun, while others require some type of entry fee, and in exchange they offer some really great prizes. You should understand that when you search google for online baby contest they will bring back all of the results that are available.  They will be ranked by google and they may or may or may not be what you are looking for.

The top three online baby contest when you do a search on google are

  1.  The Cute Kid Contest – This is our favorite online baby contest since it’s a year round baby photo contest that provides you with an opportunity to enter either Free or paid contests.  The contest has some of the best prizes available, in fact the Grand Prize has a value of $25,000.  Click Here To Enter
  2. The Today Show Baby Of The Week – Every week the today show chooses several photos to feature on their TV show – The prize is a JOHNSON’S® Baby gift basket and a $50 Walmart Gift Card. Plus obviously bragging rights that your child was selected.
  3. Our Cute Babies – They also offer free and paid contests the prize is an opportunity for magazine exposure.  The contest is basically a popularity contest you submit photos of your child and then try to get as many votes as you can.  If you win your baby will get their picture on their magazine.

If you keep scrolling on google down, you will find lots of other baby photo contest that you can enter.

Find a local online baby contest

Online Baby Photo ContestAnother trick is to add you state or city’s name to the search and then see if more local contest are available.  For example try searching for Online Baby Contest Texas or online baby photo contest Houston and see what comes up you might find some really great online baby photo contests that are easier to win.

If you want to win a huge prize then you should definitely check out this page about our favorite  Online Baby Contest.