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Every child is unique, different from anyone else and has talents all their own.    As parents,  we strive to give our kids the chance to discover their passion.  Are they interested in modeling in ads with well known companies?    Could that talent be in acting, in Theater, Movies, Commercials, maybe being an Extra would be perfect for them.    If this is a direction you would like to take your baby or child,   Kids Casting Calls is a great place to see where the auditions are and apply for what you are interested in.

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Have you ever looked at commercials, TV shows, ads for kids clothes and toys and wondered, where did they find the kids for these? My child could do that!   My child is talented!  My child is perfect for that!!

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Did you think they must be from the actors, director’s families or friends of the family?  Well, these kids are just like your kids and are from all over the country.    It just takes parents that think this is direction they want to go to find the opportunities and apply!   How do you as a parent find these opportunities?   It would take a lot of research to identify them yourself but we have found a legitimate reputable company that provides openings for casting calls whether your looking for modeling in ads, an extra or a part in a movie, they find the opportunities and you have the ability to apply.

Kids Casting offers a basic member package for free to get familiar with what is available,  take a look and you may find great opportunities for your child in a location convenient for you.

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What kinds of pictures are best?

You will want to have a great picture of your child to add to their profile.  The same kind of picture we have been recommending for photo contest work well here.   A headshot that shows their personality can get noticed and you could get a call.    Kids Casting says, “The best practice for the main photo is to use your child’s headshot that clearly shows his features (black & white or color). Make sure all of your photos are bright and high resolution so they don’t get blurry or fuzzy when opened in full size. Minimal size required for the main photo is 320×430.”

What you can expect

Once a profile with picture is submitted, you may get calls based on that alone.  Otherwise, you can review the options available including location, how many kids they are looking,  the requirements and who the production company is.   You can then decide which ones to apply to.

Child Extra

An extra is a role that has no speaking lines,  extras are just that, extra people needed to be in a scene.   Think of the movies you’ve seen, crowds at a football game, kids in a school, teens at the beach,  extras don’t need experience and depending on how they are used, a large number may be needed.  Being an extra is a great place to start , gain  experience and see if this type of work is right for your child.

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Kids Casting is NOT an agency and they provide the following information on their site to educate parents.

“Should an agency make money up front?”

“NO. It is always unethical and, in most states, illegal for an agency to charge any upfront fees. An agency makes money by charging a commission on a job they help you get. Under no circumstances should you ever pay an agent an upfront fee of any kind. Another common trick is for agents or managers to refer you to expensive photographers. You always have the right to choose your own photographer. Beware of an agent or manager who insists that you use theirs. Please keep in mind KidsCasting.com in NOT an agency.”

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