You Can Win A Pre-Teen Photo Contest

This Picture Won The Most Recent Pre-Teen Contest

April 2022 Pre-Teen Photo Contest Winner


What a Great Picture, no wonder the judges awarded it $1,000 as the overall winner for this months contest! 

The picture is perfect for the pre-teen age group, it’s age appropriate, and extremely well done.

This photo does an excellent job, of  filling the frame, is incredibly focused, utilizes exceptional depth of field and her eye contact creates great sense of connectivity with the viewer.   

This picture is Awesome!


Why You Should Enter

This Month’s Contest? 

Every month five children are selected as  winnners of  the Cute Kid Contest.  They recieve a $500 cash prize.  If they are selected as the overall monthly winner – then the prize increases to $1,000 cash. 

All Monthly Winners Are Eligible For The Grand Prize!

How Can You Win This Month’s Contest? 

1.    Learn From Past Winners

The following pictures were all winners of the Pre-School Photo Contest.  Look at them and learn from them.  Understanding who won and why may improve your chance of winning.  

2.   Take A Great Picture!

This is a real photo contest and all of the winners are selected by a panel of judges. Don’t just send in any old picture just becasue you think it’s cute.  Picture quality is important, so you need to enter your best picture. 

3.    Enter Until You Win!

Don’t give up – keep entering until you win at least one monthly contest.  Once you do that you not only will win the monthly prize between $500 and $1,000, you will automatically have a one in sixty chance for the Grand Prize.   

 Special Note:

Pre-Teen Photos 

Kids between 8-12 are highly desired for modeling and casting calls for both print, on-line media and film projects.  They are looking for kids that are photogenic, confident and would be a good representative for their orgaanizations or clients.  


Pre-Teen Winners

March 2022 Pre-Teen Photo Contest Winner


Wow – we really love this picture.  In fact we think it’s one of the best pictures we’ve seen this year.  Technically it’s perfect! 

The composition is perfect, the focus is perfect, the use of diagonals is used perfectly.  The outfit is perfect,  We simply love this picture.  It’s an incredible example of good photography and presents the perfect image of a child in this age category.


This picture is Awesome!


February 2022 Pre-Teen Photo Contest Winner

This is very interesting picture.  It shows that following a few simple strategies can pay off big.  Notice how her image Fills The Frame,  she has Great Eye Contact, and the Bacground is Solid.  By utilizing these strategies, the photo creates a very powerful image that got the judges attention and won $500.

Great Job! 

January 2022 Pre-Teen Photo Contest Winner

This is really nice picture for the pre-teen age group.  We love the Eye Contact, and curious grin!  Well Done!

December 2021 Pre-Teen Photo Contest Winner

This is an great pictue for a child this age, great eye contact, excellent use of depth of field, it’s completely natural.  Judges love high quality photos.

November 2021 Pre-Teen Photo Contest Winner

Another nice picture – excellent eye contact, smart age appropriate clothing Well- Done!

October 2021 Pre-Teen Photo Contest Winner

This is a great picture – her eye contact is amazing and the tilted head create lots of interest. 

September 2021 Pre-Teen Photo Contest Winner

This is the second time in 3 montsh that this kid’s picture has won.  – This show that it’s important to keep on entering.  The more you win the greater your chance of being the Grand Prize Winner. 

August 2021 Pre-Teen Photo Contest Winner

What a fun picture – We love the way her hair fills the frame and her smile is contageous.  Well done – Great example for a pre-teen.  This is a really good picture for this age group.  

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