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This Picture Won The Most Recent Pre-School Contest

April 2022 Pre-School Photo Contest Winner

 What we like about this picture.

This is an absolutely amazing picture, no wonder it won last months contest.  It really stands out from most pictures for this age category, the subject is perfectly clear, it fills the frame nicely and uses excellent depth of field.  This picture also was well prepared, the girl has a really cute outfit and her hat is the perfect accessory.  It also shows that pre-school children can begin to pose for thier pictures, and if you capture them in the perfect moment you will get an exceptional photo. 

Overall an exceptional photo – well done!

If you take a similiar picture to this and enter it into a photo contest – you will have a good chance of winning!

Why You Should Enter This Month’s Contest?

Because you have a really cute kid, it’s lots of fun, it’s easy to enter, you get a free canvas print, and you could win some great prizes.

If you enter and your child is a category winnner, you will recieve a $500 cash prize.  If they are selected as the overall monthly winner in The Cute Kid Contest – then the prize increases to $1,000 cash.

All monthly category winners  are eligible for the Grand Prize worth over $25,000! 

How Can You Win This Month’s Contest? 

1.    Learn From Past Winners

The following pictures were all winners of the Pre-School Photo Contest.  Look at them and learn from them.  Understanding who won and why may improve your chance of winning.  

2.   Take A Great Picture!

This is a real photo contest and all of the winners are selected by a panel of judges. Don’t just send in any old picture just becasue you think it’s cute.  Picture quality is important, so you need to enter your best picture. 

3.    Enter Until You Win!

Don’t give up – keep entering until you win at least one monthly contest.  Once you do that you not only will win the monthly prize between $500 and $1,000, you will automatically have a one in sixty chance for the Grand Prize. You can enter as many photos as you want every month to help improve your chances.

This Picture

Won a Grand Prize

Worth Over $25,000!

cute kid contest

 Special Note:

Pre-School Photos 

Kids in preschool are starting to learn how to pose for portraits, and photo shoots.  You will notice that a higher percentage of the winning photos appear to be well composed, and of higher photo quality. 



Photo Contest


March 2022 Pre-School Photo Contest Winner

What can we say, this is another exceptiopnal picture of an adorable little girl.  We don’t know for sure but the picture may have been taken by a professional which is perfectly fine for this contest. The bottom line is the photo does everything right.  The picture is focused the subject is centered, eye contact is excellent.  The outfit and background is coordinated. And most importantly we get the impression of a happy healthy little girl.    

Overall an exceptional photo – well done! 

If you take a similiar picture to this and enter it into a photo contest – you will have a good chance of winning!  

February 2022 Pre-School Photo Contest Winner

This is a great picture for any pre-school photo contest.  It utilizes at least three of the photo tips we’ve been sharing with our friends.  It’s a picture of a really cute little girl that Fills The Frame, has excellent Eye Contact, and Depth of Field.

If you take a similiar picture to this and enter it into a photo contest – you will have a good chance of winning!  – Well Done!

January 2022 Pre-School Photo Contest Winner

The solid background, strong contrast and incredible smile really make you connect with this picture.  Her expresion and excitment make you feel good – Well Done! 

December 2021 Pre-School Photo Contest Winner

This is an incredible picture – it’s completely natural and capture the spirit of  a happy little girl.  Judges love the emotional appeal of  pictures like these.  

November 2021 Pre-School Photo Contest Winner

This is a very ointeresting picture – we can’t tell if it’s professional or not, but it really captures your attention.  The color coordination between the giorls outfit and the background add interest.  The grat smile perfect eye contact and crossed arms all make this a nice picture.  

October 2021 Pre-School Photo Contest Winner

How fun is this picture.  Looks natural, but was probabally done during a photo shoot.  The depth of field makes this picture pop!  Great job.  

September 2021 Pre-School

This is another cute picture – we like the eye contact and simple uncomplicated picture. 

August 2021 Pre-School

 A very good example of a pre-school photo contest winner.  Well coordinated stylish outfit.  Natural pose – excellent smile and eye contact.  

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