Get Ready For The Gerber Baby Contest

Are you ready for the Gerber Baby Contest?

Last years Gerber Baby Contest paid a $50,000 grand prize!

2018 Gerber Baby Contest

This Picture Won The 2017-2018 Gerber Baby Contest

The Gerber Baby Photo Contest is not only the most famous baby photo contest, it also has one of the largest prizes and carries the most prestige.

To say the Gerber Baby Contest is popular is an understatement – last year’s contest had over 180,000 entries.   So how do you make sure your child gets noticed among all of those other cute babies?

First of all understand that winning the Gerber Baby Contest is a going to be a long shot, even if you have a great picture for the Gerber contest, some luck will be involved.

We’re not sure how they judge all of those baby pictures, but since all of the pictures are uploaded digitally, there must be some sort of review process that narrows down the field.

This this is pure speculation , but the judges probably  get assigned a group of pictures and then just start sorting them based on their initial impressions while keeping the Gerber Baby Contest Judging Criteria in mind.  The Yes go in one pile and the No in another if you end up in the no pile you’re done, if you’re in the yes pile, that means the picture will get some additional review time. So let’s say you start with 200,000 picture our guess is that half don’t make it through the first cut.

Then they do another cut and another until there’s just one remaining picture.

What’s it going to take to win this year’s Gerber Baby Contest?

Of course no one knows for sure, but we think it makes sense to look at the past Gerber Baby Contest winners to see what type of pictures have won.  It may have nothing to do with this year’s contest, but we think it does provide some insight as to the type of pictures the judges like.  We have created a gallery of winning photos for your review.

Click her to see past – Gerber Baby Contest Winners

 How are you going to get you picture noticed in the Gerber Baby Contest?

There is no guarantee for winning a baby photo contest, however we think it’s important to understand what the judges are looking for, the criteria for the most recent Gerber Baby Contest  was

  1. visual appeal of the child(ren) in the photo;
  2. expressiveness of child(ren) in photo;
  3. consistency with Gerber’s heritage and its Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ (or successor program) mission (collectively, the “Judging Criteria”).


 How to Get Ready For the Gerber Baby Contest?

It’s not too early to start getting you and your baby ready for the competition.  History tells us that the Gerber Baby Contest normally starts in the fall.

In the past, The Gerber Baby Contest has only accepted recent photos (taken within 30 days), and only one photo per child, so it’s going to be important to have a strategy going into the contest.  Here are some things you may want to consider during the next few months. 

  1. Sign up for and Open the Emails from Baby Contest Newswe will notify you as soon as we learn that the Gerber Baby Contest has started!  We will also be providing you with a contest strategy. 
  1. Learn More About The Gerber Baby Contest
    1. Read the Gerber Baby Contest Rules
    2. See Pictures Past Winners of the Gerber Baby Contest 
  1. Start Taking Practice Photos – even though you won’t be able to enter your photos in the Gerber Baby Contest unless it starts in the next 30 days, you can start learning what colors, background, lighting, time of day and play creates the best photo ops from your Baby. 
  1. Enter Other Contests – Learn how to enter baby photo contests and enter some pictures. The steps required are similar for each contest.
    1. Learn The Rules – Understand what the judges are looking for, what’s worked in the past and then take as many picture as you can of your baby during the eligibility period.
    2. Have Your Own Baby Photo Contest! – Prior to submitting your photos to the contest consider having you own contest. It’s easy get some family members and friends to act as judges – provide them with the judging criteria and ask them to o help you pick the best picture.
    3. Submit your winning picture to the contest

A great contest to consider trying this with is the CuteKid Contest, it’s a year round contest that offers great prizes.

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