Florham Park Based Gerber Celebrates 90 Years

FLORHAM PARK,NJ- In 1928, Dan and Dorothy of Freemont, Michigan introduced the first baby food ever sold in grocery stores. Gerber baby food was the result of years of straining vegetables to serve their baby and developing a baby food process at the family canning company.


That year, Gerber held a contest to find a baby to be featured in their advertising campaigns. Ann Turner Cook, the original “Gerber Baby” was sketched by artist Dorothy Hope, and that sketch was the winner  of the contest. Cook also turned 90 this year.

To celebrate the 90 years Gerber is rebranding products with the original sketch as the base for their logo and, honoring the company’s roots in Freemont. When Gerber was purchased by Sandoz in 1994, and then Sandoz merged with Novartis, the corporate headquarters moved to Parsippany, New Jersey. Then in 2007 Nestle purchased Gerber from Novartis and headquarters were moved to Florham Park. The production facility along with research and development and an engagement center established in 2009 all remain in Freemont.