Gerber Baby Contests

Gerber Baby Contests

Gerber Baby Contests

The 2015 Gerber Baby Contest Winner

Lots of people get excited about the Gerber Baby Contests.

The Gerber Baby has been one of the most recognizable symbols in American culture for a long time. Gerber uses a lot of babies in its advertising campaigns. The Gerber Baby Contests can allow parents to contribute to that tradition, helping their children be celebrities at a very early age and winning a lot of prize money in the process.

Age Requirement

The Gerber Baby Contest is for babies who range from newborns to four-year-olds. Most of the contest winners have been babies between one and two years old. Babies usually need to get old enough for all of their features to fall into place. When most people picture babies, they are thinking of babies that are between one and two years old, and these are the babies who align more closely with the Gerber Baby image.

Professional Involvement

Many parents are going to want to hire professional photographers for the Gerber Baby Contest, and they should know right away that these photos are automatically declined as a result. The original Gerber Baby Contest was for amateur artists, and the same goes for this Gerber Baby Contest. The pictures that people submit to the Gerber Baby Contest cannot be photos that were previously published either, or people will risk getting disqualified. These should be pictures that people take solely for the Gerber Baby Contest.

This is not a contest for early child models. Kids who have talent managers or agents are not allowed to enter this contest. This is truly a contest for amateurs and kids who have not been discovered yet. This is a contest that could lead to babies being featured elsewhere and having some sort of media career. However, they cannot already have one and win.

Gerber Baby Contests – Prize Money

The Gerber Baby Contest is certainly not just about helping a baby become famous and allowing parents to get special recognition for their babies. The grand prize winner will receive a check for fifty thousand dollars. Winners will also receive 15,540 dollars in the form of a second check and fifteen hundred dollars in Gerber children’s ware. Some parents might enter the contest on the basis of the prize money alone.

Gerber Baby Contest – Photo Requirements

People are only allowed to enter one photograph of the child in question. They should choose the photo carefully, since the quality of the picture is certainly going to be taken into account.

The pictures also have to be recent. In this case, they have to be taken within a month of the submission process. A month really can make all the difference when it comes to the development of babies, and the babies are still going to need to look like their pictures for the Gerber Baby Contest.

Gerber Baby Contest – National Boundaries

Only American residents can enter this contest. People from Washington DC or any of the fifty U.S. states may enter the contest, but it is not open to international residents. There are plenty of contests for international individuals, but this is a uniquely American one. Gerber is an American tradition, and this is part of their image.

The Gerber Baby Contest is Free!

People should rejoice in the knowledge that there is no entrance fee for this contest. The people who win the contest can enjoy the profits from it with no loss. The people who do not win will not be taking any risk in a financial sense.

Judging Criteria

Many people are going to want to know why certain babies get chosen and why certain babies are not. Some people might take it as a person insult if their own babies are not selected. They should know that the spots at the top are so limited that many eligible babies will fail to win simply because there can only be one contest winner. Many cute and expressive babies get turned down all the time because the list has to be narrowed down somehow. In 2014, this contest received an astonishing 150,000 entries.

However, the winners are chosen based on their visual appeal, emotional expressiveness, and their correspondence with Gerber traditions. All of these are subjective, which can make it even more difficult to actually decide upon a winning picture.

In terms of visual appeal, the actual picture needs to be appealing and natural. The picture cannot look overly staged. The baby himself or herself needs to have a photogenic look. Emotional expressiveness is partly related to the visual appeal of the picture. People need to be able to look at the baby’s picture and automatically recognize that a baby is feeling a certain way.

Naturally, babies usually need to look happy in these pictures, but they have to look genuinely happy and not happy in a forced sense. Anyone who has ever photographed a baby knows that it is hard to make a baby smile in the first place, so they will need to capture their babies in the act of feeling and seeming happy.

However, Gerber also takes its traditions very seriously. It is a company that made its debut in the early twentieth century, and it has quite the legacy to maintain. The babies that Gerber selects for the Gerber Baby Contest have a healthy, robust, and happy look about them.

People aren’t going to see any pictures of babies that are frowning or crying. Gerber babies always have full cheeks, bright smiles, wide eyes, and smooth and proportionate features. They may or may not have hair. Some of the winners have been boys or girls, and people of all ethnic backgrounds are certainly encouraged to apply. All of the babies that fulfill the Gerber image can win.


The people who have their doubts about entering the Gerber Baby Contest should know that there are no real risks. If their baby does not win, it doesn’t mean anything. Most cute and expressive babies aren’t going to win. However, if they do win, it could change the course of all of their lives.

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