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 You Can Win A Cute Baby Contest!

To win a Cute Baby Contest like you only have to take one great picture. You do not need to be an expert photographer, and you do not require expensive equipment. You simply need one wonderful picture of a beautiful child and you can win some great prizes –

The 2015-2016 Gerber Baby Contest has a $50,000 cash grand prize!  

You can also enter your child in the Cute Kid Contest today , they are accepting photos now and they offer some great prizes including $25,000 in cash.

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To improve your chances of winning, we have added a few suggestions that you may want to consider.

Winning a Cute Baby Contest is not about having an expensive camera. it’s about taking an award winning shot that demands attention.  We have included some winning pictures from the 2013 Gerber Baby Contest below, in addition you can get some photo tips and see more winning photos by clicking the links below.

Winning Baby Contest Photography

Gerber Baby Photo Contest Winning Pictures

Even though you can’t enter a Gerber Baby Photo Contest now, you can still enter the Cute Baby Contest today, you might even win the $25,000 Grand Prize

Here’s what you need to do to win a Cute Baby Contest.

2013 Gerber Baby Contest Winner Be Original- Show off your style for imagination.

This speaks for itself. Your personality must shine through in your shots. What does it imply to be original? It’s an image that causes the viewer to say, “Wow, I never thought it could be done like that” or “I never ever saw it that way. Very cool.” For example, there are many, many baby pictures out there around the world today. So if you wish to submit a child shot for the gerber baby contest, exactly how can you make it initial and unlike the rest? That’s exactly what will put you ahead. And if you’ve been wondering … yes, you should call your images. Naming the image assists provide the viewer a sense of exactly what you are attempting to share. We love to see terrific shots accompanied by a detailed title.

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Cute Baby ContestComposition– It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

There is more to composition than the experienced placement of aspects. Excellent composition is a crucial of excellent pictures. But honestly, it’s something that’s tough to specify and is almost intangible. Composition that communicates your desired significance works, while composition that does not or that puzzles the audience isn’t really great. Keep in mind, though, that there is no right or wrong composition in photography. For instance, how can you arrange a scene’s elements in your video camera’s viewfinder that will not just identify the desired outcome of your image’s design, but will also enhance exactly how well the message is portrayed? If you like symmetry, then a symmetrical shot with a good point of interest can lead to a striking image.

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cute baby contestDepth of Field– Go deep.

This method, which winners use often, ties in nicely with composition. The depth of field (DOF) that you make use of when taking a photo will substantially influence the composition of the photo. Depth of field isolates a target from its background and foreground, or it can put the exact same subject in context by revealing its environments with a bigger depth of area. Simply put, it’s the distance where the items are in focus. Shallow depth of field can deliver dramatic results and highlight the subject.

Baby Photo contestContrast– Keeping it sharp and crisp.

Contrast can take your photos to an entire brand-new level and deliver a more extreme sense of appreciation. Really frequently when we publish our images to the computer system from the camera and first look at them on the screen, they will appear dull and lifeless. For instance, with an underexposed picture (this is frequently the case when the auto flash is used with a long lens) you’ll want to provide the subject more life. In this case, your impulse will probably be to utilize the Brightness and Contrast tools in Photoshop or other modifying software you use. However you really need to utilize the Levels device in Photoshop to attain much better contrast. Just go to the Image tab then choose Adjustments, then Levels. On your Mac it’s Apple L and for Windows it’s Control L.

gerber Baby Photo ContestPhoto Enhancement– Apply the minimalist strategy.

Image enhancement is similar to contrast in that, for both, less absolutely is more. Have you ever seen a terrific shot messed up by too much improvement? It’s like,”Wow, that’s a cool shot however it’s way too touched up. It looks unreal.”. Avoid over-cropping, over-correcting and resizing if you can avoid it. We wish to see the picture for what it is and we don’t desire the picture dominated by Photoshop devices. Of course, you most likely will need to enhance your images. Simply bear in mind to make use of the right amount that improves and does not control. However what if your objective is to attain a high-contrast image, which undoubtedly will require even more improvement?

Then there are 3 things you ought to keep in mind to assist your image’s general outcome. Additional colors: bringing added colors into your image will minimize the level of contrast. Ratio effect: a purple vase set against a white wall will have higher contrast and effect than a photo of a purple vase sitting with a ton of various other purple vases. The vase in the first image would attract attention a lot more than the many vases in the 2nd picture.

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