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About Gerber baby Contest PageGerber’s baby contest began accepting photos on September 7th and stopped accepting photos on October 28, 2016.   To learn more about the Gerber Baby Photo Contest including how to enter, who won and how to find other other kids photo contests, sign up for Baby Contest News.   You will never miss any opportunities to enter this or any other great baby photo contests.  Just sign up below.

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Things you need to know about the Gerber Baby Contest!

Entries are submitted directly on Gerber’s Website, during the active submission period. Parents and guardians are invited to enter their children by uploading a recent picture. If you miss the announcement and don’t enter your picture on time you’re out of luck- that’s why it’s important to sign up for Baby Contest News – they provide updates and notifications for all of the best Baby Contests.

  1. The Gerber Baby Contest is for children from birth to age 4  Pictures for the Gerber baby photo contest can  be submitted for any child from one day old until the day they turned 48 months. If your child is older than that they can not enter.  Click here to learn about another favorite baby photo contest.
  2. All photos for the contest have to be taken within 30 days of submission – Pictures needed to be current.  Even if you have the perfect picture of your baby today, it won’t help you win the Gerber Baby Contest.  These rules are strict and if your picture is chosen as one of the winners you could have to provide documentation that the picture was taken within the required time frame.
  3. No professional photos are allowed in the Gerber Baby Contest – You can take pictures of your baby solely for the purpose of submitting them to the Gerber Baby Contest, but you can not pay a professional photographer to take the picture.  In addition you can not submit any photos that have been  previously published.  Plus you must be able to confirm that you have the legal authority to submit the photo.   There are some basic techniques and strategies that work well with most baby photo contests.  Click here to learn how to Take Winning Baby Pictures
  4. Children can not be represented by an agent – If your children are represented by a talent manager, agent or professional guild, they would not have been eligible.  Gerber does not provide talent placement services, the contest was strictly limited to finding the best children to represent Gerber.  If you are interested in entering a contest that provides placement services and helps their members find modeling and advertising jobs with a large number of clients, then you should check out the Cute Kid Contest.
  5. The contest is only open to residents of the fifty United States and Washington DC only – Bottom line the contest was for US residents only. If you are not from the US you can enter your pictures in this International Baby Contest.
  6. You can only enter 1 picture of each of your children in the contest.  The rule here is simple.  You can only submit one photo per child.  Each photo can only be submitted for consideration within one of the six milestone categories. You can’t submit photos of the same child to multiple categories.  If you are interested in submitting multiple photos you may want to check out the Cute Kid Contest  
  7. There will be one Grand Prize Winner – in the 2015-2016 Gerber Baby Contest  the Prize has an estimated value of $67,000 – In 2014 there were close to 150,000 entries into the Gerber baby contest.  All of the pictures submitted were reviewed by a panel of Gerber judges.  They selected the grand prize winner based on demonstrated expressiveness and consistency with Gerber’s heritage. Unfortunately, they did not provide any explanation for what that means, to help you get a better feel for the judges expectations, we put together a Gallery of Gerber Baby Contest Winners.
  8. There are six Milestone Categories and prizes for each category within the Gerber Contest –The categories are birth, supported sitter, sitter, crawler, toddler and preschooler. The winners for each of the Milestone categories are determined by the number of “Likes” on the Gerber Facebook page.
  9. The 2015-2016 Gerber Photo Contest prize will be awarded as cash checks and each category winner will recieve a total prize worth an estimated $4,250

You Can Win!- The Gerber Baby Contest is definitely worth entering, it’s Free and they offer a huge grand prize.  Plus, your baby is just as cute as past winners all you need to do is take a great photo and submit it within the contest period.

More about the Gerber Baby Contest

Gerber baby contestThe Gerber baby contest is contest operated by the Gerber products company; the company was started in 1928 and now offers a wide variety of products most notably Gerber Baby Foods and their life insurance product known as the Gerber Grow Up Plan.   The original Gerber Baby Contest was held in 1928 and that’s how original Gerber Baby Ann Turner Cook was discovered.  The hand drawn picture was submitted by artist Dorothy Hope Smith and has been appearing on the Gerber Baby Products since 1931.

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The information provided above is based on a comprehensive review of the official 2015 Gerber Baby Contest Rules.


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    • The Gerber Baby contest is an annual contest that normally starts in the fall. We send our subscribers an email when the contest opens so please subscribe to our newsletter.

    • Winners are normally announced in January. Please continue to look for our newsletters, we will immediately send out when we have the information on this years winner!

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