2018 – 2019 Geber Baby Contest Winner!

The 2019 Gerber Baby Contest winner is Baby Kairi!

Kairi’s photo was named the Gerber Baby Contest Winner after the Gerber Baby Contest judges reviewed over 544,000 entries.  This had to be one of the worlds largest baby photo contests ever, congrats Kairi!.


Gerber Baby Contest Winner

I can’t even imagine trying to judge so many cute baby pictures, it’s no wonder it took so long to pick the one winner.  The contest only accepted photos for a few weeks in October and finally announced the winner in on February 26th 2019.

This years Gerber Baby Contest winner is named Kairi Yang and she is a 15 month old cutie from Hickory North Carolina.  Kairi is the first Gerber Baby Winner of Hmong descent.     

You Can Win The Gerber Baby Contest! 

The Gerber Baby Contest is definitely worth entering, it’s Free and they offer a huge grand prize.  Plus, your baby is just as cute as past winners all you need to do is take a great photo and submit it within the contest period.  Learn How To Enter the 2019 Gerber Baby Contest


Gerber Baby Contest 2019 Family

The 2019 Gerber Baby Contest And Her Family in Traditional Hmong Clothing Kairi!

When Ying Vue and her husband, Peter Yang, learned that their daughter had nabbed the coveted title, they didn’t have many calls to make. That’s because the North Carolina couple, who are both Hmong, share a home with their parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. “Hmong in our eyes is all about the close bonds we have with our relatives during life and afterlife,” Vue tells TODAY. (The Hmong — pronounced mung in English — are an ethnic group from China and Southeast Asia and have their own language.)


2019 gerber baby contest winner in dress


Being surrounded by all her family has been a very positive influence on Kairi’s life, especially when it comes to preserving our culture and tradition,” Vue, a Thailand native, tells TODAY. “Kairi will grow up knowing how to read and write in Hmong, so that she can speak with her grandparents.” But for now, the little girl enjoys listening to nursery rhymes, building blanket forts and playing with her dad.

“Kairi’s positive energy and smile lights up our life,” gushes Vue. “She has a one-of-a-kind personality.”

According to Gerber’s official website “Baby Kairi from Hickory, North Carolina intrigued the judging panel with her delicate expression and the look of wonder in her eyes.  As the face of Gerber for the year, Kairi will be featured on Gerber’s social media channels and her family will receive $50,000.” 

2019 gerber baby winner on TV

The 2019 Gerber Baby Contest Winner has already made a big hit on popular TV  shows.

“As soon as we saw her photo, we fell in love with Kairi’s expressive eyes and angelic face, looking toward the future and being excited for all that it holds,” said Bill Partyka, President and CEO, Gerber. “We believe that every baby is a Gerber baby, and this year, are thrilled to recognize Kairi as the new face of Gerber. 



2018 gerber baby contest winner lucas

The Original Gerber Baby and the 2018  Gerber Baby Contest Winner Congratulate  Baby Kairi!

It’s been an incredible year celebrating our 2018 Spokesbaby Lucas Warren and his family, and we are excited to see the world fall in love all over again with our newest Spokesbaby.”

Can you imagine how exciting it must be to have your baby selected as the Gerber Baby Contest Winner?

Not only would the $50,000 prize be awes ome, but your baby’s life could change forever.  As Gerber’s official spokes baby, they could have some incredible opportunities.  As Gerber’s spokes baby, they would represent Gerber in a variety of ways including in print ads, Gerber Baby Product videos, and they would even appear on TV as the Gerber Baby Contest Winner.

Kairi was chosen because of the wide-eyed curiosity and the look of wonder we saw in her eyes,” Bill Partyka, the president and CEO of Gerber, tells TODAY Parents. “Her expressiveness in the winning photo reminds us of looking to the future through a child’s eyes and being excited for all that it holds.”