Gerber Baby Contest Winners

Gerber Baby Contest Winners

Here are the winning pictures for the 2015 Gerber Baby Contest.

The pictures below represent all of the winners for the 2015 contest and were originally published on the Gerber Website in January 2016.

This years Gerber Baby contest has not started – click here to find baby photo contests that you can enter today 

The Gerber Baby Contest Grand Prize Winner

Gerber Baby Contest Winner


note: the following information is a summary of the 2015-2016 Gerber PhotoSearch - Announcement of Winners and the Terms and Conditions of the Gerber Baby Photo Contest, it is being provided as a courtesy for our visitors. – This website is not affiliated with Gerber or the Gerber Baby Contest)

Isla was the grand prize winner and her picture won prizes worth an astonishing $67,000 it included  a $50,000 cash award, a second check for $15,540 cash, $1500 worth of clothing and possibly, the opportunity to appear in Gerber promotions.  The picture was selected by the Gerber Baby Contest judges from over  150,000 entries.  According to Gerber’s website the judges reviewed each of the photos submitted and choose the winner based on the selection criteria which included   (1) visual appeal of the child(ren) in the photo; (2) expressiveness of child(ren) in photo; and (3) consistency with Gerber’s heritage and its Growing Up Gerber mission (collectively, the “Judging Criteria”).

Gerber Baby Contest Milestone Winners

The 2015 Gerber Baby Contest Winners each received  a $3,500 cash award and $750 worth of clothing from Gerber Childrenswear.  The total value of each Milestone Award was $4,250.  The milestone winners were selected by a voting process.  After all of the pictures were submitted, Gerber held  a 28 day voting period.  The public was allowed to vote 1 time per day during the voting period at the end of the voting period, the pictures with the most votes won. here are the results of this years Gerber Baby Contest.



Gerber Baby Contest - Birth

Supported Sitter

gerber baby contest - supported sitter


gerber baby contest sitter


gerber baby contest -crawler


gerber baby contest - toddler


gerber baby contest - preschool

baby contest

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