Cutest Baby Contest

The Cutest Baby Contest!

This is a picture of Brady, his parents entered the CuteKidContest in 2013, now he is doing commercials for Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Look.com, Party City, and Toyota!

cutest kid contest

Your baby is gorgeous and could win the cutest baby contest!

You know it and you’re friends and family know it. Just think of all the times you’ve heard people complement your child

Look How Cute!,

Your Baby is Gorgeous!

She Should Be on TV!

You hear it almost every day, but what have you done about it?

  • Have you entered any contests?
  • Have you hired an agent?
  • Have you created a portfolio?
If you’re like most parents you haven’t done anything.

That’s OK, your kid is still young and they’re still really cute.

There are literally thousands of opportunities out there for children.  There are children’s models for print and video, TV commercial opportunities and hundreds of acting jobs for TV shows, Movies and Live Theater productions. 

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So what’s the best way to find opportunities? 

It could be TheCuteKidContest, just read about Brady and you’ll understand why we think this could be the best Baby Photo Contest ` 

Since Brady joined the paid CuteKidContest, he has had a tremendous amount of success!  Brady is five years old and is from New Jersey, his parents originally signed him up just to see if there were any opportunities available for him.

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A talent professional associated with TheCuteKid spotted him and before you know it he was signed by TM Talent and they were able to get him several high profile jobs.  They were able to find numerous agencies for the family to work with in New York.  Before you know it Brady was auditioning for movies, commercials and print ads.  He has currently worked on five different projects for ToysRUs, Babies R Us, Look.com, Party City, and Toyota!

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Here Are the Ads Brady has worked on

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ad 1




ad 3