Baby Photo Contests

Baby Photo ContestBaby photo contests are a really fun!

There’s no better way to show your baby or child how much you appreciate them than to enter them in a photo contest.  Your child is just starting to understand who they are and how special they really are.  You can help them develop their self confidence and well being by entering them in a photo contest.  We know it sounds crazy,  but it’s true if you approach the photo contest process properly it will do a lot to help create a positive self image that can  last a lifetime.  Here are some fun tips for making the best of your baby’s photo shoot.

  1. Take Your Time and Have Fun – You want to get the best picture you can for a baby photo contest, so the most important thing you can do is schedule some time to focus on this activity.  Don’t just randomley shoot pictures and thing that you will get a winner.  You may, but if you take a few minutes and dTo get the a great picture for Set aside some time to focus on your develop their how much you appreciate appreciate how wonderful your baby is and gives you extra time with your child to make them laugh and play with them. It can take a lot of skill to get right, but can be achieved easily by following certain rules and not taking it too seriously.

You’re Not a Professional

When thinking about entering a baby photo into a baby photo contest you can seek professional tips on which cameras and backdrops to use and how to make use of photoshop to perfect a picture. These tips in general can really help you win a baby photo contest that has very high expectations

These professional tips come into use a lot more when you are seeking out glamor shots and enhancing a photo with special effects. They are not necessarily a good idea if you’re entering a normal baby photo contest.

Keep it Simple

There is a fine line between over-edited photos and simply improving a wonderful picture. The most important thing to capture is how unique and special your baby is and how well that is expressed through the photo you enter.

Most baby photo contests are meant for the everyday parent, the average person. So make sure to keep to organic and natural.

Giant companies, such as Gap, Huggies and Disney Baby that either run or participate in these competitions are more drawn to authentic photos that capture a baby’s nature.

So try to avoid being over professional with all the fancy equipment and add ons. Just focus on a healthy, happy baby being themselves in an endearing photo.

Leave the baby photography to the professionals!


There is never a guarantee that someone will win, but there are some very useful tips that can help you get on your way to winning your first baby photo contest. These three tips are:

  • Increase your chances
  • Be natural
  • Keep Taking Pictures


Increase Your Chances

You will never know if you’re going to win something unless you enter. Sometimes you may be scared, doubtful or not think you’ve taken a good enough picture, but your chances of winning will go up when you enter instead of just putting it off.

The most difficult part of any contest is handing in your submission. It’s daunting, especially if you have never done it before. Try to remember that it’s an exciting experience as well and that your baby photo has just a good enough chance as winning as anyone else’s. Your first baby photo contest is an important one, and you’ll remember it fondly after you take the first big step.

Don’t hold back because you may not have faith in your photo. Entering and submitting as many contests for baby photos as you can increases your chances and you might win! Remember, though, that winning is not the main goal, it’s the experience. The more you take these beautiful photos, the more you will know which photos to send off and the best way to capture your baby at their best.

Don’t hesitate, just hand it in. Keep doing it on every baby photo contest you find and you will eventually win.

The worst thing that can happy by entering a baby photo contest is nothing at all. Even if you don’t win anything, it’s a beautiful moment to show people how special your baby really is. It also gives you the opportunity to bond with your baby and as they grow older, you’ll be able to show them all the photos you took of them.


The best photos for these contests, and the ones that usually win, are babies in a natural environment. Your baby will do the most amazing and cutest of things when you are not even expecting it. The best way to enjoy this experience is to have fun and to play with them and make them laugh. The best time to take a picture is when they’re enjoying themselves and having some fun with their family.

Don’t worry about trying to put your baby in certain poses. Your child isn’t a model and so those kind of things are not necessary. A good idea to prepare for the shoot is to warm up your baby by playing with them – tickling them or giving them their favorite toy to make them smile. It’s a great way to play with your child as well as get a great picture. You’ll get a beautiful natural picture from this instead of a forced, posed picture.

The key thing to remember is a cheerful, healthy baby.

Keep Taking Pictures

If you’re eager to win these contests, make sure you have the camera ready at all times to capture the cutest moments of their young lives that can turn into winning photos instead of trying to force a picture.

Be patient, make sure that you’re ready to capture the perfect moment instead of getting frustrated that you’re not getting the right shots. You should be prepared and ready all the time. It’s much easier if you have a really good smartphone with a fantastic camera. You don’t need to buy an extra expensive camera for this moment. Just pull out your phone and get snapping when the moment comes.

Lighting is key when taking these pictures. Obviously this is not a professional shoot, so don’t worry about buying certain equipment to light up the room. Simply make sure the curtains are open and that you baby can be seen clearly.

Make sure to keep on taking pictures when your baby is being receptive and colorful. The more often you take these photos, the more likely you will catch the right picture.

Good Luck!

The key thing to take away from this article is that you should never stop taking pictures of your little baby. Not only will it increase your chances of winning the baby photo contest by capturing the best and all moments of your child. It will also give you an opportunity to bond with your baby and to show off how beautiful and special they really are.