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Finding Baby Photo Contests  

Baby Photo ContestYou  know that your baby is a showstopper, now it’s time to start entering him or her into some baby photo contests.

Sure, babies are cute, but you know that your baby is THE cutest baby in the whole wide world. The way he looks at you and smiles, those tiny little bubbles he gets on his lips, the way he claps his hands whenever you are near – your baby is one-of-a-kind. So why just share your baby with friends and family on Facebook and Instagram when you can show his or her cuteness with the world?

You’ve heard it a thousand times, it seems like everyone you meet says you should enter a baby photo contest, but where do you start?

Baby Photo Contests 

Baby Photo Contests

Here are a few baby photo contests that we found by doing a simple search on Google for “Baby Photo Contests”
New Parent Magazine: This popular magazine picks a new baby each month to feature as the cutest baby of the month.  To enter, submit newparent.com and submit your absolute favorite picture of your adorable baby. The recommended size for this image is 100KB, and make sure that the image is not too dark or blurry. All of these entries will be whittled down to just 10 entries, and one of these will go on to win for the month. Imagine seeing your sweet little one on the pages of a magazine!  Unfortunately this Baby Photo Contest is Not Currently Accepting Photos.

Gerber Baby ContestGerber Baby Contest:  Each year Gerber, the famous baby food brand, holds their cutest baby of the year contest.

Click here to see the 2016 – Gerber Baby Contest Winner!

It is so easy to enter: just submit your favorite photo and wait for the results to come in! To get the ball rolling, share the entry with friends and family on social media. Once everyone starts seeing how cute your baby is, he or she could be a winner! Contest runs between September and October of each year.

You should sign up for Baby Contest News learn what contests you can enter today!


Cute Kid ContestThecutekid.com:  This website has one of the largest grand prizes around – $25,000! Can you imagine winning that much?  

Click Here To see the $25,000 winner of the Cute Kid Contest

You could start a college fund for your baby, plan a family vacation or buy oodles and oodles of diapers, baby wipes and formula. Winning a contest like this could be the first step to talent agencies contacting you and landing you a magazine spread, a commercial, or even a role on TV or in the movies! Once the world sees your cute baby, the sky is the limit.

Cuisinart: While not all contests have giant cash prizes, you can still win some really neat stuff. For example, Cuisinart is searching for the cutest babies out there, and the winners will receive useful prizes like a baby food maker, a baby bottle sterilizer and a baby bottle warmer/night light. You know that all of the little things that keep baby happy and healthy can really add up, so even winning a smaller prize will feel like a giant win. Plus, everyone will get to see just how beautiful your little boy or girl is. Cuisinart picks a new winner every month so visit cuisinart.com/baby/photocontest to submit your best photo today.  This Contest is not currently accepting photos.

Find Baby Photo Contests 

These are just a few of the 2016 baby photo contests that we found online.   Before you enter your baby, it is important to have a great photo that shows just how beautiful your child is. When possible, have a professional take some pictures of your cute baby. Choose a variety of outfits and if you cannot pick just one picture, ask friends and family which one they prefer. Remember, this one image will determine if your child wins a baby photo contest, so take the time to choose wisely! Images that show your baby smiling are best and are more likely to win in an online voting contest. The best part about these competitions is that you can enter these baby contests today!

Remember, if you don’t win your first contest, don’t give up. Many baby photo contests receive thousands of entries!

Keep submitting your best smiling baby image to contests and share the beauty of your little one with the world.

Click on the link to learn how you can enter today

Baby Photo Contests