2016 Gerber Baby Contest Winner!

2015- 2016 Gerber Baby Contest Winner!

note: the following information was obtained from and is a summary of the 2015 Gerber Photo Search Terms and Conditions as provided on Gerber’s website - it is being provided as a courtesy for our visitors thiswebsite is not affiliated with the Gerber Baby Contest.

Gerber Baby Contest WinnerThe 2015 Gerber Baby Contest Winner is Isla!

The winner of the 6th annual Gerber Baby Contest was announced on Wednesday January 27th 2016.

The winner is from Troy Michigan and her name is Isla Welch, she’s 7 months old.  

Isla’s  picture was selected by the Gerber Baby Contest judges from over 150,000 pictures submitted to this iconic baby photo contest of children from across the United States.

As the winner of the Gerber Baby Contest,  Isla’s family including her parents  Grayson and  Rachael will be awarded the Grand Prize which has an estimated value of an astonishing $67,000*.

Not only will the grand prize winner of this baby photo contest receive a check for $50,000, they will also receive a second check for $15,540 plus approximately $1,500 in Gerber Children’s ware.

Why did this picture win the 2015-2016 Gerber Baby Contest?

Only the official Gerber Baby Contest judges can tell you why this picture was selected.  However we have been watching their baby photo contest for years and will be happy to share our opinion below.

The 2015 Gerber baby contest specifically identified judging criteria as (1) visual appeal of the child(ren) in the photo; (2) expressiveness of the child(ren) in the photo (3) consistency with Gerber’s heritage and it’s Growing Up Gerber mission (collectively, the “Judging Criteria”. **

So what does all that mean when it comes to selecting a winner?   Basically the judges can choose whoever they want, however they are looking specifically for three specific qualities in order to be considered.  And as one senior media marketing manager for Nestle Infant Nutrition, told  Yahoo Parenting, “This is not a beauty contest. We look for happy and healthy babies who are judged on their visual appeal and expressiveness.” 

  1. Visual Appeal – This sounds pretty simple, the baby’s photo needs to be pleasing, and should catch the judges attention. – Notice how this picture of Isla looks completely natural she’s got a huge smile, is looking into the camera and her crazy natural hair ads attention.  Obviously this was not a staged picture.
  2. Expressiveness – What is the baby feeling? The judges want to know what the baby is feeling, are they excited, fascinated, happy, content? – Isla sure looks happy to us!
  3. Consistency with Gerber’s Heritage – What does this mean? Again we’re not affiliated with the contest, however Gerber has a long history of utilizing baby images to promote their products.  The most famous is the  Gerber Baby the original was first introduced to the public in 1928.  Since then Gerber has utilized many different baby photos in its advertising campaigns.  The Gerber babies, are always appear to be healthy and happy.  Notice how Islas’ picture conveys everything Gerber wants healthy, happy and natural!

Are There Any Other Baby Photo Contests To Enter?

Yes, in fact we constantly monitor the web and then post available Baby Photo Contests on our website. Click the photo below to enter today’s Baby Photo Contests.



How Can You Enter This Year’s Gerber Baby Contest?

The contest normally begins in the fall, but the timing does vary from year to year.  It’s easy to enter as long as you know when the contest starts.  But, since the Gerber Baby contest only accepts photos for a limited time it’s important to know when the contest starts.     We constantly monitor the internet for new baby photo contests and do our best to notify our subscribers whenever there’s a new contest worth entering including the Gerber Baby Contest.  Just sign up for Baby Contest News Below. 

How many pictures entered in this year’s Gerber Baby Contest?

Almost 170,000 pictures entered this year’s Gerber baby contest.

What are the 2015-2016 Gerber Baby Contest Prizes?

There will be a total of seven prize winners for this year’s Gerber Baby Contest.

6- Baby photos will win Gerber Milestone Prizes

Six winners will selected from the milestone categories.  One winner will be selected from each of the milestone categories including birth, supported sitter, sitter, crawler, toddler and preschooler.   Each milestone winner will receive a $3,500 check plus $750 worth of clothing from Gerbers Childrenswear the estimated total value is $4,250.

Here are the winners for each of the six milestone categories. Click Here To See Winners of the Gerber Baby Contest Galler

Birth+: London

Supported Sitter: Drew

Sitter: Victor

Crawler: Hazel

Toddler: Tristyn

Preschooler:  Nyla

1 – Photo will win the Gerber Baby Photo Contest Grand Prize

The Grand Prize Winner receives a check for $50,000 plus a second check for $15,540, $1,500 in Gerber Childrenswear and other opportunities. The total prize package has an estimated value of $67,040

Who Judges the Gerber Baby Contest?

The public can vote for the milestone category winners by visiting Gerber’s website and registering to vote. Registered voters get one vote per milestone category per day for the duration of the voting period.  The voting period will be announced once the baby photo contest begins.

The Grand Prize Winner for the Gerber Baby Contest has always been selected by a panel of judges that reviews all of the eligible photos submitted.

Is the Gerber Baby Contest an International Baby Photo Contest?

No, the Gerber Baby Contest is not an international baby photo contest. It is open to legal residents of the Fifty United States and the District of Columbia only.  If you want to enter an international baby photo contest then consider entering the Cute Kid Contest

How recent do pictures have to be for the Gerber Baby Contest

The photo used for the gerber baby contest needs to be recent and can not be more than 30 days old.

Are professional photos acceptable for the Gerber Baby Contest?

No – you cannot enter photos that were taken by a paid professional.

When will the Winners Be Announced

The Gerber Baby Contest Winners are normally announced in January.

 How Can You Enter the Gerber Baby Contest?

The contest has changed entry requirements over the last few years – The best way to learn how to enter is to sign up for Baby Contest News –

We notify our subscribers whenever a new contest starts so you will never miss…

The Gerber Baby Contest.


(note: the above information was obtained from and is a summary of the 2015 Gerber Photo Search Terms and Conditions as provided on the Gerber’s website - it is being provided as a courtesy for our visitors this website is not affiliated with the Gerber Baby Contest.)