2015 Gerber Baby Contest

The 2015 Gerber Baby Contest

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 The 2015 Gerber Baby Contest ! 

The 2015-2016 Gerber Baby Contest grand prize is worth an estimated $67,000.  The winning photo in Gerber’s contest receives a check for $50,000 that can be used but is not required to help pay for the child’s education, a second check for $15,000 cash that can be used for anything, plus $1,500 worth of Gerber clothing and the opportunity to, but no guarantee to appear in 2016 Gerber Baby contest marketing campaigns and other promotions, including paid travel to the photo shoot locations for the Gerber Baby and up to two parents or guardians.

Baby Photo ContestsThe 2015 Gerber Baby Contest has more than one great prize!    

The 2015 the Gerber baby contest will have six additional winners each in different categories.  The prizes for each of the milestone winners in the Gerber baby contest are worth approximately  $4,250.  This includes two checks for each of the category winners one for $3,500 and one for $750 there were no restrictions on the use of either of these checks.

When will the next Gerber Baby Contest Start?

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Does it cost anything to enter the 2015 Gerber Contest?

Gerber’s baby photo contest have always been free!  You can get more details about the 2015 contest by signing up for our newsletter.

Who can enter the 2015 Gerber Baby Contest?

The last Gerber baby contest is only open to parents or legal guardians of children up to 4 years old that live within the 50 United States and Washington DC.   The 2015 baby contest is accepting photos – we will provide all the details in our newsletter.

Cute Baby ContestHow can you enter the 2015 Gerber Baby Contest?

In 2015 you have to fist sign up for an account with Gerber then you can enter either online or via mobile device such as your cell phone or tablet.  The picture submissions has a limit of 5mb or less.   You can get all of the details in our newsletter.

What are the age categories for the 2015 Baby Contest?

Gerber’s  contest has six categories they included birth, supported sitter, sitter, crawler, toddler, toddler2 +.

Can you enter more than photo in the Gerber Baby Contest?

In the past you could only submit one photo of your child in one of the six categories.  You could not enter multiple pictures in either a single or in separate categories.  If you submitted more than one photo in the contest, the one received first became your official entry.

Are professional photos allowed in the 2015 Gerber Baby Contest?

None of Gerber’s previous contest have allowed baby pictures taken by professionals.  Plus no pictures can be used that have been previously published or that have won any awards.  Here are some tips for taking photos for the 2015 Gerber Baby Contest.

How recent must the pictures be for the Gerber Baby Contest?

All of the pictures submitted must have been taken within thirty days of submission.

How will the pictures in the 2015 Geber Baby Contest be judged? 

Gerber is looking for the perfect Gerber Baby to represent them and in the past, each picture was reviewed by the judges for visual appeal, expressiveness and similarity or consistency with Gerber’s heritage and mission to get details about the 2015 Gerber baby photo contest, sign up for our newsletter.

Who picks the winning baby contest pictures?

In 2015 all of the entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges and they select the Grand Prize winner. The six category winners were selected by online voting on Gerber’s website.  Visitors could vote for one baby picture for each category every day during the voting period.

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