Cute Kid Contest $1,000 Winner – January  2018!

This Picture Won $1,000 in the Cute Kid Contest for February 2018 You’re Child Could Be the Next Winner!

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Congratulations, this picture won $1,000 as the winner of the 2018 Cute Kid Contest  for February.   We think this is an excellent picture that proves how important eye contact is in baby photo contests.  The picture is simply dominated by the wide open eyes that are clearly focused at the camera.  Her subtle grin adds to the appeal.  You can’t help but to get the impression of a healthy happy child.  Most contests including the Gerber Baby Contest place a lot of emphasis on the overall feel you get from a picture.  They want pictures that are simple and that make you feel happy,  this picture does a great job of projecting  a great personality.

Photo Contest Hint -When you are selecting pictures of your children to enter into a baby photo contest make sure that you consider the overall feel of your picture and enter the ones that show off your child’s happy, fun loving confident personality.

Not only did this picture win $1,000, but it is now eligible to win the Grand Prize worth over $25,000.   The Grand prize winner of this years contest

will win…

  • $25,000* College Fund
  • All Expense Paid Trip to NYC
  • Passes to Favorite NYC Attractions
  • Her Own CuteKid Winner Page
  • Professional Photo Shoot
  • Treasure Chest of Prizes
  • and more!


The contest has an excellent reputation and awards thousands of dollars in prizes every month.  Check out last years winner – The 2016 Grand Prize Winner.

If you have any great photos of your children,  you can enter them in this contest today.  6 Grand Prize winner hit’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes to enter.  Good Luck !

Enter Your Child Today! 


The Cute Kid Contest accepts photos of kids from 0 -12 years of age.

There are 5 age categories: Baby: 0-1 year Toddler: 1-2 years Pre-K: 2-4 years Big Kid: 4-8 years Preteen: 8-12 years.  Click the link below to learn more about the…


 The Cute Kid Contest