How To Win The Gerber Baby Contest

To win the Gerber Baby Contest you only have to take one great picture. You do not need to be an expert photographer, and you do not require expensive equipment. You simply need one wonderful picture of a beautiful child and you can win some great prizes.

The 2017-2018 Gerber Baby Contest paid one winner a cash prize of $50,000!  This years contest should be staring soon.  To make sure you don’t miss this years contest be sure to sign up for Baby Contest News.

You can also enter your child in the Cute Kid Contest today, they operate an excellent monthly contest that awards thousands of dollars in cash prizes.  They are accepting photos today and the annual grand prize is worth over $25,000.

How To Win A Photo Contest

To improve your chances of winning the Gerber Baby Contest, we have a few suggestions that you may want to consider. Winning a Cute Baby Contest is not about having an expensive camera, it’s about taking an award winning shot that demands attention.  We have included some winning pictures from the previous Gerber Baby Contests and Cute Kid Contest that that may help you take and then enter an award winning photo.

Gerber Baby Contest Winner -2014 This picture of Grace won Gerber's photo contest in 2014

1. Be Original

This picture of Grace was a previous grand prize winner of the Gerber Baby Contest.  It’s simple, but very creative at the same time.  Notice how her eyes are staring directly at the camera,  and her expression is priceless. Your child’s personality must shine through in your shots. What does it imply to be original?  It’s an image that causes the viewer to say, “Wow, I never thought it could be done like that” or “I never ever saw it that way. Very cool.”  This picture of Grace is a great example of “Original”

Gerber Baby Contest 2013 Grand Prize Winner


2. Eye Contact Is Crucial

This picture was also a previous grand prize winner of the Gerber Baby Contest.  Notice  that the eyes dominate this picture.  Many Baby Photo Contest winners have a similiar theme.  The baby’s eyes are wide open and clearly focused on the camera.  This gives the impression of an alert happy child and the judges seem to love this perspective.

Cute Kid Contest's baby photo contest $1,000 winner has wide eyes

This picture won $1,000 in the June 2018 Cute Kid Contest – Look how the eyes are the focus of this picture.

3. Utilze Depth of Field.

This method, which winners use often, ties in nicely with composition. The depth of field (DOF) that you make use of when taking a photo will substantially influence the composition of the photo. Depth of field isolates a target from its background and foreground, or it can put the exact same subject in context by revealing its environments with a bigger depth of area. Simply put, it’s the distance where the items are in focus. Shallow depth of field can deliver dramatic results and highlight the subject.

2017 Cute Kid Contest Grand Prize winner utilizes excellent depth of field.

This picture provides a great example of depth of field.  Notice how the subject is clearly focused and the background just fades away.  It won the Grand Prize in the Cute Kid Contest worth over $25,000.

4. Focus on Emotions!  Keeping it Real.

Kids photo contests are challenging, but if you focus on this one concept you will improve your chances dramatically.  Capture your childs best moments.  Take pictures when their at their best having a great time being natural and having fun.  Most, but not all kids photo contests are showing their emotions,  Take lots of pictures when you review them shortlist the ones that make you smile – They could be the next big winner.

Smiling baby won baby photo contest

This picture does a great job of capturing emotion. It’s hard to look at this picture and not smile.  It won $500 in the Cute Kid Contest. crisp.