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The Gerber Baby Contest 2016

Gerber Baby Contest Winner

The Gerber Baby Contest Winner


Gerber’s photo contest has awarded huge cash prizes.  In 2016, the Gerber Baby Photo contest awarded this picture of Isla a grand prize that was worth over $65,000.

Don’t miss your opportunity to enter this and lots of other great contests!  Their contest normally begins in the fall and runs for about one month.  Sign up for Baby Contest News and we will notify you as soon as we learn about any 2016 Gerber Baby Contest including the entry dates, rules and regulations. Click here to see all of the 2015 Gerber Baby Contest Winners.

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 What Pictures Won the Gerber Baby Contest?

54bfd5fbd0e88.image2014 Gerber Baby Contest Winner – this picture of Grace was the grand prize winner of the 2014  Gerber Baby Contest Winner, the grand prize was worth over $50,000!

thUSGSJCIO2013  Gerber Baby Contest Winners – This picture of two adorable twins was the grand prize winner in 2013.

Click here to see more  Gerber Baby Contest Winners.  With so many proud parents in the world, no wonder the Gerber baby photo contest is so popular. Of course there is usually only one winner and we all want our little darling to be it.

Here are a few tips on how to submit photos to be judged for baby photo contests. Here is what the judges are looking for.
Can the judges see the baby’s face? If not, then how can they judge your baby or toddler’s appearance? If you have taken your cutie to a picture studio, chances are they have several shots of your child looking at a prop of some sort. These are no doubt cute pictures, but opt for the shot of your child looking at the camera. Close up facial shots are eye catching. Your baby is indeed a cutie, let the judges see that. 
baby contest
If you are a 1st time parent, you have probably taken too many photos to keep track of. Sorting through your tons of pictures can be a breeze if you follow this next suggestion. If it has a lot of background, move on. Family vacation photos with your little standing next to 10 cartoon characters won’t work. All the background distracts the eye away from the main subject- your little one. Pictures with background are ok, as long as the main focus is your child. For example, a child swimming in a pool would be good as long as the child takes up more picture than the pool water. The pool water is all one color and your child’s bright face and bathing suit colors are sure to bring the eye right to your darling.

More Gerber Baby Contest Winners

Gerber Baby Contest

Focusing on the baby is really important. While keeping background to a minimal is important, so is making your child the main subject. For parents with more than one child, I am sure to have tons of family shots. Keep these photos in the family scrapbooks and photo albums.

Of course you can tell your children apart, but that may not be such an easy task for judges. If your children look alike that can be very difficult. Make judging as easy as possible by keeping pictures simple. Playing the guessing game will only frustrate judges. It doesn’t get any easier than one person in the photo to be judged. Of course this rule doesn’t apply to multiples or Mommy or Daddy and me photos.

I already know you have a dozen shots with your baby wearing huge sunglasses, daddy’s baseball hat, mommy’s jewelry, or a Halloween mask. Photos with props truly are cute, but they are not always suitable for baby photo contests.  Props that hide your baby’s face make it hard for judges to see the true beauty of your baby.  The key is to enhance, not hide their cute faces.  For instance, wearing daddy’s hat is ok as long as its to the side or back where we can see the baby’s face. Halloween costumes with face covering masks or that require facial makeup, is not helping your toddler win.
Other Tips Include:

Send clear photos. Photos that are dark are pretty useless. You are not giving yourself a fair judging chance.

Red Eyes do not make appealing photos. Many online picture software can help fix that problem.

Pictures taken from far away distance, can’t help judges see the child’s face.

Size matters. Judges prefer pictures larger than a wallet up to size 5×7 (3×5, 4×6, 5×7 and anything in between).

The Gerber Baby Contest, is not accepting photos at this time!

You can enter the Cute Kid Contest Today!

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      My former last name was Gerber. I used to work at the Gerber Life Insurance Company for a salary and benefits, while I was living at a Gerber family residence. I enjoyed reading about the Gerber baby contests because when I was a kid I was part of contests for a wage thousands of dollars in food nutrition contests, college scholarships, and child modeling and adult telephone receptionist work. I work at the Chase Bank where I hope to complete the Gerber Grow-Up Plan for $5000 for a contribution to the Gerber children and Gerber grandchildren. I tried to visit the Gerber Parents Resource Center from Gerber in Michigan but because of a weather storm I never reached the Gerber center.
      Ashley Ciment
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    • When it comes to voting. Is it the type of voting where you share photos on every website you’re on for your friends and family to vote? Or is it professional judges judging them?

  1. Hi , my name is Shawna & i just had a beau til baby boy, he is a month and a week! I was interested in entering him into the contest! If you could message me back and give me some details on how to enter, that’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks (:

  2. I am very interested in sending a picture for the Gerber baby contest. Are more than 1 picture okay to send? Thanks

  3. The cutekid contest doesn’t award the winners. My niece won the last one and never recieved her prize and when her mom tried to make contact they never responded.

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  5. I would like to send my grandaughter’s picture for monthly contest. If she win in monthly contest can she still join the 2014 baby contest? Thanks

  6. I would like to enter my daughter into the contest. I just have one question: she is 7 months right now and the contest start in September. Can I use an older picture or do I need to take the most recent picture?

  7. Hi my name is Chelsea and i just had a beautiful baby girl and wanted to know all the contest and job offerings she could apply for. She is 6 months.

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  10. Do You Aleeady Have Dates , For The Baby Contest ? How Can I Get More Information ? What Ages Can Be In The Contest ?

  11. If the contest starts in the fall, am I still allowed to send pictures of my baby boy @ 4 months of age? Even though he’ll be 8 months by the time the contest start?

  12. I read through all the comments to make sure this wasn’t a repetitive question! Can you submit more than one photo?

  13. Is there any way to view previous winners/enter the contests without going on facebook? I don’t have an account nor want one. Thanks

  14. I would love to enter a picture of my baby I tried entering a picture on the cute kid contest but I only have my cell phone and when I would try to submit a photo it would say file empty im very confused I did see where it said they don’t except uploads from mobile phones so if I enter the contest when Gerber has there contest can I submit a photo from my cellphone? Any help would be great also can I email a picture to any of the contest and it be put on that way I would love to enter thanks.

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  16. I’m a little confused about the judges preferred size of the photo, my photos are usually around 2000p x 2200p, if I were to make them into the wallet size, they become super tiny. I figured the bigger the better. I’m sure I’m misunderstanding something here haha if someone could clear this up for me it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

  17. HI,
    I Mrs. Megha, I have one princess of 5 months and I am interesting to enter her into baby photo contest. So please tell me the procedure.

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